Mar 13, 2012


we just had so much fun.

sarah is the type of friend that it doesn't matter how much time has passed - we just pick up where we left off. she makes me laugh harder than anyone IN THE WHOLE WORLD, and it's really this creep, silent laugh where my nostrils flare and tears come to my eyes. sort of embarrassing when it happens in front of her super-hot boyfriend jared...

...who we stayed with in boston. in the house of approximately ONE MILLION STAIRS. and see, i tried to keep our crap to a minimum by hiding away all baby things in our bedroom at the top of the stairs. the very, very top of the stairs. forgetting something was almost devastating at times. like - holy crap, i can't take these stairs again. and guess who forgot a baby monitor? yeah. i managed to lose a pound though, so there you go.

we spent monday getting lost bumming around in boston.we went to the museum of fine art, because we are soooo cultured like that. our favorite part was the display about fashion sketches. not the monet, degas or the ancient egyptian art. nope - the fashion sketches was where it's at.

henry was a gem the entire 2.5 hours we were at the museum. i kept him in his moby facing outwards and he just checked out the art. when he got sleepy i faced him toward me and he crashed on my chest. he is a good museum baby.

i wanted to see the old north church so we...did. and walked around quite a bit - grabbed some cheesecake - you know, nbd. except the cheesecake was probably 5 pounds PER PIECE and we pounded it later that night. and in the car on the way home.

oh and also on the way home we drove through salem to find some witches, except it's really just a cute little town with some weird museums in it.

we flew home tuesday and boy were our arms tired. like, literally. my arms were noodles. henry likes to jump and that was the best way to keep him entertained on the very last flight. bouncing. the. whole. time.

it was great to be home. i missed hallie something awful. i'm just not right when i'm not with my girl.

the end.

*post-edit: the dog hair. jared has two HUGE labs, lily and logan. the sweetest, oldest doggies on the east coast. they are precious. and also they have lots o' hair that ended up mr. henry and his toys and his bottles, etc as he crawled around the floor. like, he was covered. that's all.

the real end.



alis-on said...

Great post! Glad you two were reunited and that Sarah got to hang with Henry! I bet Hallie was so happy to see you when you got home. Whats the story with the dog hair? I don't get it...

Keri Beth Mason said...


i'm such a loser - forgot to put that as part of the story. just added it as a post edit!

Kelly said...

Did you guys tour that museum? We did when we were in Boston like 4 years ago...totally a rip-off.

Kelly said...

(by that museum, I mean the Salem Witch Museum, not the art museum. I'm sure the art was not a rip-off.)