Mar 6, 2012


ali-b had asked me about how i am working out, what i'm doing.

now, keep in mind this has only been going on for a month. i'm scared to death of the day i start getting bored. so i'm trying to mix it up a little bit.

it all started because of my mother-in-law, barb. she had a 12 minute...yes, TWELVE minute, dvd that she gave me to try. and i started that very night. i figured - who doesn't have TWELVE minutes to workout? i mean, seriously. TWELVE minutes.

so i did it, and it was a cinch. so the next night i did that dvd again, plus an 11 minute ab DVD that i had from back in the day (slim in six, beach body).

so then the next night i decided to do the accelerated workout on the dvd - just 20 minutes, plus the ab dvd.

and then the next night i started doing the 30 day shred with jillian michaels, level one. and i loved it. much harder than the other dvd, but still just 20 minutes.

Jillian Michaels: <em>30 Day Shred</em> [DVD]

and the next night i did that again, plus the abs. i did that for a few weeks. then i went up a level - yowzers. so sometimes i do that plus the abs, sometimes i skip the abs.

but then i hurt my stupid foot. i workout barefoot and got me some "turf toe." look it up - only us SERIOUS athletes get it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. sorry. whew.

so my stupid foot hurts like the dickens, except i don't want to stop working out because i'm afraid of getting out of the habit! so, i started doing the slim and six, start it up dvd, which is only 25 minutes. it's very low impact, but i still have to skip the lunges or anything that bends my big toe in anyway. because that hurts.
Burn It Up! Debbie Siebers' Slim in 6 Workout Series Weeks 4-6

i love debbie from slim and six, but i miss the hard workout from jillian. it stinks that i've worked so hard to make this a habit and now i'm having to slow it back down.


anyway, that's it! not very exciting - but has been effective for me. and if anyone has any suggestions about a workout let me know...something that won't kill my poor tootsie.

also: i just ate a whole back of the grandma's mini sandwich cremes. yay willpower!

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alis-on said...

Thanks for the update! Inspirational.
I love Jilian and 30DS (i have to admit i do get kind of annoyed when she flirts with the girls. is it just me or does that annoy you too?). I just need to actually do it. Make myself do it. Like you said--its only 20 minutes. Hope the turf toe situation clears up and you are shredding yourself again soon. Can't wait for your Boston update!