Apr 10, 2012


well, The King.


easter is quickly becoming my number-one, favorite holiday. before it was always a quickie holiday, throw together an easter basket and done.

now, it has become so much more. first of all, we stay home. no traveling. we wake up early for sunrise service, go to our own church and then do the traditional easter lunch with dave's family.

sure, i miss our big family get together, but i love, love, love staying home for easter. plus, my dad comes for the weekend, so i get some of *my* family too!

our sunrise service at arenzville methodist is so cool. our youth group puts on the "show" for the service. there is no traditional sermon, no communion, nothing.

it's a production. our awesome youth play guitar and sing, dance, monologue and end it with a mime. i can't describe how nice (and rewarding!) it is to see these amazing youth doing the entire service. and they are so talented and obviously moved by the spirit.

and hallie is too (moved by the spirit, that is). i got out the paints for her at some point on easter sunday and she called me over to check out her artwork.

see mom? a cross! and a heart, because i love god.


her sunday school teacher is also amazing (SHOUTOUT TO LORI!!!!!!). i absolutely loved this exercise they did in sunday school. love, love, love.

the day was just awesome. and so is jesus, not a coincidence me thinks.

we fished, got sunburned, enjoyed family, church family and christ's love and THAT is what easter is all about!

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