Apr 13, 2012


more easter. sorry, but i love the story of the egg.

easter sunday. at dave's uncle tim's house, fishing. hallie was off hunting eggs when dave found a REAL goose egg in the shallow water of the pond. he got it out and we called hallie over, knowing she would be all over that business.

and she was, of course. she craddled the egg, named it goosie and her and mackenzie took turns taking care of the goose egg.

weird kids, yes.

hallie has it at home, in her bedroom, in a little nest she made up for it. we told her she could keep it until it starts stinking...or hatches. HAHAHAHA.


it can't hatch...right? (i washed it with dishsoap, btw, so quit judging).

she really thinks it's going to hatch. dave looked at me that night and said - what if it really hatches, i mean, can you imagine? we would just die. HONK.

anytime we hear a goose honking, we tell hallie it's the mother goose coming to get her egg. hee hee.

the ride home after easter was long. we had to stop for gas and the kids were exhausted. henry had a red cup from the easter lunch and it was both thrilling him and upsetting him. it was pretty cute. and funny.

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