Apr 18, 2012


guess who got her garden in!


well, most of it. but still - finally!

i have had the seeds in my car for approximately one million years, so it was time. but every other time i wanted to do it, it was either too windy, raining or got cold!

so last night, i put pete (new nickname) in the stroller with some puffs, and hallie and i planted spinach (four rows!!! yippee!!), lettuce (three rows!) and aparagus. very exciting.

we still have tomatoes, onions (too late?), peppers, cukes/zukes (later) and...radishes. and maybe carrots?  exciting!

strawberries are already blooming, but i have 18 million weeds to pick from them.

we also planted her sunflower and bean plants that she planted at school and have been thriving in our window with VERY little dirty. So we'll see how those go!

now, random pictures.

kids in the bath - hen's first BIG BOY bath (ie: no baby bathtub):

and my father-in-law's latest business venture:
Fly By Night Coaches aka - a big bus.

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Kelly said...

You should probably test that bus out with a nice road trip to Houston.