May 29, 2012


it was recital weekend - woo-hoo! (?)

it was long. it was hot. it was a hard weekend.

i'm glad it's over.

hallie says she doesn't want to do dance anymore. we'll take the summer off and see how she feels in the fall. she was the cutest (and smallest!) one out there. so cute.

this little boy is my favorite in a white onsie. but he too had a hard weekend. teething is no joke and when you add a little cold on top, well, he certainly was off his game on saturday. like, way off his game.

he did manage to stay busy by knocking all of the magnets off of the refrigerator and playing some rockin' piano. oh, and he hung out on grandma chronister's lap quite a bit too.

finally, with recitals over we had memorial day to relax on chad and melissa's boat and get majorly sunburned. ouch. big time, ouch.

the girls had so much fun. we all did. it was a great way to end the weekend.

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