May 17, 2012


here we go, tball!

it's painfully slow at times, but better this year than last year. that was just...brutal. the coach was young and didn't even have a kid on the team.

we were unorganized and hallie learned only that she loved to run the bases.

fast-forward to this year and she has a coach who cares and is good. they do drills and actually learn stuff. but he is so fun that they looooove him too. practice last night was great. she whacked the ball off of the pitching machine and then made an out at second base when she played the field.

plus, she looks really cute.

and henry had a ball feeling the turf in the outfield.

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Betsy said...

Is it wrong to be glad my kids have no interest in tball? I don't even like pro baseball much less tball! We're more of a soccer kind of family. Fortunately we can play soccer all year down here.