May 14, 2012


mr. henry got a haircut!

and a new tooth!

he now as four on the top and the bottom! and working on those molars too, dangit.

and hallie got a trim!

we also got a new dog. sort of. we basically run a half-way house for dogs. they show up all hungry, so we feed them and they stay the night. and then usually they are gone again the next day.

not millie. i think she's here to stay and i'm cool with that. and so is hallie.


a happy mother's day to me!

yesterday, a bike ride that ended in tears (for both kids), nap (for one kid), two hours of weeding the garden, a rockin' sunburn, supper at barb's and sorting through 18 million pieces of baby clothes for a garage sale sunday.

it was a good-ish day!

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