Jun 8, 2012


i honestly don't know where to start.

i love henry so very, very much. he is my heart and soul.

that sweet son of mine has the best disposition of any baby i've ever met.

he is quick to smile, giggle and spit raspberries at you.

he "blibbers" his lips with is fingers and will mimic you if you do it first. it's his thing.

he's loud. even when he's not mad.

he plays independently. all the time. just...plays.

he loves playing his piano, my piano, lucille's organ.

he loves his bath, still.

he sleeps easily and wakes up early. too early. but,

he jumps up and down in the crib when he sees me and,

he breaks into the biggest smile too.

he doesn't like having his diaper changed.

he has wild hair that gets so, so curly in the humidity.

he has so many teeth and,

he is such a biter. oh my, such a biter.

he crawls super-fast and pulls up on my legs for me to pick him up.

he is a weird eater. and,

he has a very strong gag reflex. not a good combo.

he loves his sister.

he loves his daddy.

but i'm pretty sure i'm his favorite. (mom, for the win!)

he sits quietly for church. most of the time.

he is now one year old and that is so crazy to me. i swear,

he was just born yesterday, right?

if you told me all my babies would be like mr. henry paul mason, i would have a million.

we worked (and worked) very hard for henry and know that god made him especially for us.

he is my joy and i am the luckiest woman on earth to be his mother.

happy first birthday, henry!


Alison Troutwine said...

happy birthday Henry!!!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday, Henry! Bennett (and I) wish we could come celebrate with you!