Jun 25, 2012


oh my good-night-NURSE. what a weekend.

what a weekend. sick kids are the worst!

henry ran a high fever wednesday, so i hightailed him to prompt care. he had an ear infection and strep throat. who knew a one-year-old could get strep throat? well, now we know.

and here's a little tip about henry. he hates medicine. he also won't drink from a sippy cup and won't really drink anything other than milk, period.

unfortunately, i had to give him a large dose of antibiotics each morning, plus motrin AND tylenol to try to get his fever down. it was the most frustrating thing i have ever done. and i mean that. to not be able to make your child feel better because he WON'T TAKE THE MEDICINE HE NEEDS is THE most frustrating thing in the entire world. i may or may not have cried once when he puked his tylenol back up the third time.

he was miserable and it was awful, but it's better now. we have discovered the key to the universe.

baby einstein.

no joke, this was our life saver. henry doesn't watch tv - doesn't seem to care one lick about it. but baby einstein, ho ho! you put that on and wheeeee, the best distraction ever. loves it.

now, if baby einstein could cure his constipation i would love it forever and ever, amen.

oh yeah, and then hallie got strep too.

poor baby had high, high fevers that we couldn't get to go down without a cool bath. she was a trouper. she is a very good patient, but i forgot to have her augmentin flavored, so there's that. not a good move, apparently it tastes like vomit.

anyway, stay away from the mason household. we are breeding bacteria 'round here. good times.




guess who took his first steps yesterday????????????

this guy!

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