Jul 17, 2012


time to move in reverse a bit. go back in time, if you will.

i moved forward with the birthday activities before finishing up my summer vacay posts/pictures.

we left papapa's farm on wednesday morning (fourth of july!) and drove the rest of the way to lake of the ozarks.

it was so hot. like, crayons melted in my car hot. as in, crayons melted on the parking hot. i mean, so hot. (can you tell we dropped crayons everywhere? i thought we got them all picked up to avoid the melting - guess not).

we stayed at mom's place and had the time of our lives. tubing, swimming, swimming, tubing, dogpatch, celebrating hallie's birthday, shopping, swimming, skiing (me! what?!), more tubing, more swimming and YOU GET THE IDEA.

the kids stayed up late and slept in every morning. we ate a ridiculous amount of food and managed to pop a giant tube. surely that's not related.

in a word: PERFECT.

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