Jul 12, 2012


happy birthday, my darling hallie elizabeth.

the time has really flown. it seems like yesterday you were just a beautiful, bald baby. now you are a stunning six-year old.

i remember this very  moment six years ago.

i was given pitocin to "speed things up," as you weren't progressing very quickly. you were slooooow going. i should have known then that you would be the world's greatest staller.
you were never a great sleeper as a baby. oh my. we had lots of stressful nights together. lots. but you are a sleeper now! i practically have to drag you out of bed in the mornings as you beg for "five more minutes." you definitely take after your mommy for that.
you were a chuuuuuby baby. as your papapa would say, "your wrinkles had wrinkles." and it's funny now because you are so very petite. you told me the other day when something didn't fit that you didn't want to be skinny anymore. you are teeny tiny.
you were always a good eater (unlike your brother). you nursed well, took to the bottle instantly, chowed down on baby food, puffs (loved those puffs!) and any sort of big-people food we put in front of you. any veggie, any fruit. your tastes have become more picky as you've gotten older, but you will still eat pretty much anything we put in front of you.
you are a very sensitive little girl. you really feel those emotions. so unfortunately, you take after your mommy in that aspect. i certainly hope you can control yourself a little better than i can.

we are working on it.
you may act like me, but you look like your daddy. sometimes you are sitting side-by-side with the exact same expression on your faces. mirror images.
you are a smart, smart little girl. you are great at reading and math. and your memory is very, very (sometimes annoyingly) accurate.
you love to wrestle. which means you love to be chased, pinned down and tickled. all the time.

you broke your arm this year, so maybe we should stop wrestling?
you love your brother like crazy. sometimes too crazy, but i'll take it. we had some jealousy issues in the beginning, but it was expected.

you were an only child for five years and had to scooch over a bit in the green chair to make way for mr. henry.
you love music, dancing, swimming and watching tv. you are also quite the fashion-ista.
you are my heart and soul.

i thank god for you every, single day.

i can't wait to see what an amazing woman i know you will grow up to be.

i love you soooooo much, hallie mason.

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Betsy said...

Happy Birthday, Hallie!!

I remember sleepless Hallie and Nora... it's too bad you only found me on that baby forum and not someone who could actually help! But I guess we did alright... Nora is my best sleeper now!