Aug 6, 2012


...if i don't blog something my dad will call, mom will email and sarah will text. my readers three, i love thee.

i am back to work today after a glorious 10 day break. and i didn't blog on my break. so there.

and while i was away, we got new carpet at work and all of my stuff is DISPLACED all over the PLACE. so i have student appointments booked solid and i walk in to a 100% empty office. like, no computer, no files, no desk, phone, NOTHING. EMPTY. but man, the carpet sure did look pretty!

all has been (mostly) put back in place, but i'm still out of sorts.

so tomorrow, i blog.

but today, i leave you with random pictures.


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Kelly said...

reader #4 here! :) hoping to return to blogging myself after the craziness of moving dies down. ridiculous.