Aug 29, 2012


well, we recently had a visit from the tooth fairy.

a top tooth this time. very exciting. funny for me though, because i can look ahead to the huge chompers she's going to have. dave and i both have large and in charge front teeth, so she's doomed. or blessed, whatever.

this front tooth was a long time coming. and then finally she wiggled and wiggled until it was juuuuuust almost out. i mean, she could seriously stick it straight forward with her tongue. GAG.

so we put some floss on that sucker and i yanked it out. it took a lot of yanks (and screams) but she insisted and out it came!

with a lot of blood!

lots of blood!

so gross.

and the tooth fairy brought two dollars. say what?! how generous!

(check out those pics...THREE outfit changes? i promise they all were taken on the same night!)

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Alison Troutwine said...

love these pics. loosing teeth--what a weird process. baby teeth/adult teeth/pulling teeth it all kind of grosses me out. stuff to look forward to i suppose! :)