Sep 27, 2012


oooh, this kid.

he just finished his 19th (and final) day of antibiotics.

that's 9 days of amoxicillin....which never works. and then 10 more days of cefdinir. i know both of those are spelled wrong and i'm not even going to look up the correct spelling. so there.

anyway, this has sucked. he has been cranky and hates taking his medicine. but man, oh man.

once the new and improved medicine kicked in, he was a different kid. happy, happy, HAPPY.

whew. i was afraid his awesome disposition was changed forever! but no more!

he's baaaaaack! and orenry as ever. a climber! and his hair! oh my!

he is still teeny tiny. like, maybe 20 pounds and super short. like his mama.

he says: mama, dada, sister, gerti, irma (mmm-a), no, hi, bye-bye, papa, ball (ba), moo, meow, thank you, all done and some more that are really hard to understand :)

he is a great sleeper. we read books, give smooches and lights out. he usually bangs around in his crib forever before finally going to sleep, but he never cries.

he looooooves baby einstein. it's like crack to this boy. that's my only way of getting him medicated. i get him good and distracted by the amazing, wonderful puppets and swirly things and then shove it in his mouth.

what else, what else? so much, but that's it for now. this kid is the

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Kelly said...

Yay, Henry! You are too cute!