Dec 3, 2012


i've been stressed out lately about making the right parenting choices. i feel like hallie is somewhat overscheduled, yes, but i also feel like we are overscheduled with things that aren't even her talents.

isn't that weird? i mean, talk about first-world problems.


i worry about these things. she's in dance on monday nights, tumble team on tuesday nights and horses every other wednesday. that's a lot, to me.

and she is so-so about dancing, loves tumbling and LOVES horses. but we can't do tumble team without doing dance, unless we want to do tumble team two nights a week. not fair, but thems be the rules.

so now we have hallie in one thing that she doesn't really like (dance) and another thing she isn't great at (tumbling). and we're thinking about doing away with the one thing that she truly loves (horses). much sense does that make? NONE.

she is a fantastically awesomely strong swimmer. but to add swim lessons would be too much.

and we've already commited to tumble team for the year, because we're paying a ridiculous amount of money for a leotard that is still on order.

bah. we should have ditched the dance and the tumble team, and just done swim and horses. period. grow the talents, right?

too late.

there's always next year. i need to calm down.

IN OTHER NEWS HALLIE GOT 2ND PLACE (OUT OF 10 GIRLS!) AT HER TUMBLING MEET YESTERDAY (which was wonderfully hysterical and 100% unexpected).

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