Apr 6, 2010

Feeling Coy.

I forgot my camera today. Again. I promised Aunt Liz that I would bring it so that she can finally get her hands on the super cute picture I took of her and her new boy, Coy. Yes, that is his name.

Anyway, the fam damnly finally had the opportunity to meet Coy on Easter. Yes, Aunt Liz chose to introduce him to us all at the same time on a big holiday. Wise move? Probably not.

You see, here's the thing about my family (dad's side). We are loud. Overwhelming, to say the least. We have loads of insides jokes and then we beat those jokes to death until we are so sick of hearing about Megan's six toes or where Nam Ma is buried that we just exhaust ourselves and take naps in front of everyone.

It's how we roll.

So, Coy had the pleasure of meeting the family and experiencing the jokes, the force-feeding ritual (grandma) and watch Lauren and Uncle Phil take naps in front of us all. I think Megan even started to fall asleep sitting straight up against the fire place.

He was asked for techology guidance when my dad couldn't figure out his new Mac (seriously). He was included in the jokes about six toes. He brought up Hooters in front of grandma. He does not have ear bumps.

I think he will do just fine.

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Megan said...

Hahahaha this post cracks me up...because it's so true! Except for the part about my 6 toes. So UNTRUE!