Apr 7, 2010


My family has one talent that stands above the rest. We can talk.


we call it "visiting."

Visiting is the reason we start our gatherings as early as possible, and why we eat at two o'clock in the afternoon. Visiting is what we do before, during and after meals, and as late into the evening as possible.

Visiting is the only way we can catch up on someone's life in a small period of time.

And that's cool. Because we visit. It's why I love holidays. You might not see someone for two months, but now you have a chance to sit down and visit with them while you eat a delicious lemon cake! So we visit with Dave's family and then rush, rush, rush out to go to Missouri. And then visit with my family and then rush, rush, rush to head back to Illinois.

I despise the rush, but I love the visit.

So does Dave. He loves visiting. LOVES IT.

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