Apr 27, 2010

Food Revolution.

I'm hardly the first person to blog about this, but dang. I really love that show.

It made me want to get up and throw out every bit of nasty, processed food in my pantry and start from scratch.


To throw away fudge-striped cookies is just wrong. So I ate them instead.

But I really do love this show. It has made me want to make some major changes in the way that we eat. It's not just healthier, but it is more natural.

It's cooking with fresh, un-processed food. It's looking at a label and not scratching our heads over the ingredients. It's more fruits, vegetables, home-cooked food. It's less chemicals, dyes and other what-nots.

Dave is really into the show too, so he is on board with making some changes. For us, but mostly for Hallie. She already loves her fruits and vegetables, so that's not difficult - although she hates onions. I don't get it??? Who loves broccoli and hates onions. I blame the Cat.

So we'll see. I'm making a list of goals. Stay tuned. Or not. Whatever.


Kelly said...

I have been reading your blog through google reader and have been too lazy to click over and comment. So, stopping in to say hi, thanks for the warning about the Cat in the Hat, and we like the Food Revolution, too. Our Tivo stopped recording 20 minutes into the final episode, though, we need to find it online. Seems like a lot of effort (I'm not that motivated these days...)

ThyHandHathProvided said...

Take it slow. Changes are more likely to stick that way. Make one change at a time and when that change feels normal, add another. It's nice seeing where you live. You're funny (please take that as a compliment- your writing makes me chuckle:-)).

Keri Beth Mason said...

Kelly - I need to utilize reader more. I could probably get through my favorite blogs faster that way :) I just emailed you by the way....

ThyHand - I'm so glad you commented! I admire your blog so much and appreciate your gardening advice! I have made a list of four goals to start. We will see!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I've never seen (or even heard of!) "The" show. Yes, I do live under a rock. But! I agree with your sentiments. Fresh is best! I love hearing from others who feel the same.