Apr 26, 2010

I Blame the Cat.

In the hat, that is.

Have you SEEN this movie? It is full of nastiness, attitude and overall things you do not want your not-quite-four-year-old to watch.

And yet that is precisely what I let her do. You see, she was sick. And it was raining. And she wasn't really sleeping either. And that is a movie that keeps her quietly occupied.

But I am now enduring the aftermath. The curling of the lip (like Sally). The back talk (like Conrad). The mean things said, "I wish I had a different mother." - yes, she really said that. She followed it with, "that's what Conrad says." She doesn't even know really what that means.


The movie will be returned to its rightful owner (Barb) and will never be watched in our house again. Quiet or not, I'd like to wait until around age twelve before the hateful comments begin.

The Cat-in-the-Hat will NOT be back.


Betsy said...

Thanks for letting me know... I've thought about getting it for the kids but now I'll just skip it! I was never one to worry about influences and stuff until Nora started getting older! Some stuff out there for 'kids' is not cool! I wont even let Nora LOOK at the bratz dolls in the store... I don't want her to start wanting them. Do little girl dolls really need to have bootie shorts and mid-drifts showing? And I'm not talking just a little bit of tummy showing... the ones with low-rise shorts and basically bikini shirts? Call me a prude but I want my little girl to just be a little girl!

Anonymous said...

keri, im seriously laughing out loud in pickler right now.

(it says hi. it misses you)

im sorry that sweet hallie is giving you lip. literally and figuratively.

miss you

Keri Beth Mason said...

Betsy - I totally agree with you on the Bratz dolls. Totally trashy. The Cat in the Hat has offically left the premises. It is such a bad movie!

Rachel - ah, Pickler. Your sis and I spent many, MANY hours scoping out boys...I mean studying there.