Apr 24, 2010

Plant of Death.

Wow, plant of death, wall of death....parents, don't let your kids come to the Masons!

Anyway, this tiny little plant,

We THINK, causes this.

It's so sad, isn't it? All little girls should be allowed to consume as many strawberries as their heart's desire.

And it might not be the strawberries. She definitely has allergies. Something got in her eye (while I was planting strawberry plants - yikes!) and made her swell up and break out.

Poor kiddo.


pinkdaisyjane said...

oh no!!

Betsy said...

Poor Hallie! She looks so miserable!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! My eyes are watering just thinking of her little puffy eye. Poor baby and poor mama!


Keri Beth Mason said...

Isn't it terrible?

Sarah, it reminds me of that super fun (NOT) New Year's Eve that you had massive cat allergies and had to sleep out in the van.