May 4, 2010

Give Me Day.

Morning: 4:30am to 7:30am

Day: 7:31am to 9:00pm

Evening: 9:01pm to 4:29am

*The above information is crucial to this post.

I am not a morning person. Ask Dave.

I am not a night person. Ask Dave.

I am simply day. I enjoy being and feeling awake. And I don't feel awake when Dave starts rolling around in bed around 4:30am. And when 9:30pm rolls around, I'm usually exhausted and not in the mood to be teased, tickled or (playfully) stalked in the dark.

I'm trying to change though. I am trying not to snarl when Dave wants to snuggle in the morning or grouch when he wants to turn off all the lights and jump out at me when i'm trying to settle down for bed.

I'm working really, really hard. Starting tonight.

I already snarled this morning, so I'm starting fresh.

Suggestions welcome.

**I make Dave sound like a crazy person, which is not intentional. Most nights he does not try to give me a heart attack and yet I am still grouchy.

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