May 20, 2010

On the Agenda.

Cleaning List

Blue Room (aka - toy room): Straighten, dust, vacuum, lysol Sophie (just kidding. not really)

Hallie's Room: straighten, dust, vacuum.

My Room: straighten, dust, vacuum, put away clothes in closet.

Bathrooms: toilets, mop floors, clean mirrors, check toilet paper, clean hand towels, vacuum, dust.

Kitchen: wipe down cabinets, vacuum, dishes, spray clean floor, clean fridge, dust.

Upstairs: dust, straighten, make bed, vacuum. (dave did everything else last night!)

Basement: vacuum, dust, straighten, make bed, clean up sewing crap, clean up storage room. (I rock.)

Dining Room: vacuum, dust, clean table cloth, clean windows.

Living Room: vacuum, dust, clean mirrors, attempt to clean couch.

Outside: weed front landscaping, trim bushes, clean garage.

Cooking List

For tomorrow - one two potato casseroles and two corn casseroles, plus one angel food cake with a yummy lemon glaze.

Time to start prioritizing. Pray for me.

*updated 9:45am
**updated 11:26 - dusting done!
***updated 12:19 - vacuuming done!
****updated 1:03 - bathrooms done!
*****updated 1:25 - so close.
******updated 1:52 - I mean, so so close.
*******updated 2:23 - one thing to go and that will have to wait until this last load dries.

I consider myself done.


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