Jun 29, 2010


Swim Lesson #1 - Hallie sobbed the entire time. And I am not exaggerating. She sobbed the.entire.time. It was heartbreaking. I'm thinking of pulling her out. I'm thinking of putting a hit out on the swim teacher, nancy.

Swim Lesson #2 - see above. At the end, Swim Teacher Nancy suggests that she might do better if we observe from above.

Swim Lesson #3 - Hallie is hysterical when I leave her below. I go back down to take her potty and make the deal - if she doesn't cry, I will stay. No more crying.

Swim Lesson #4 - awesome. Smiling and everything.

Swim Lesson #5 - even more awesome. Lots of smiling. Loving the lessons.

Swim Lesson #6 - holy crap, she's swimming.

Weekend swim time with friends - I can't turn my back on her. She refuses to swim with any sort of floation device - arm floaties, swim belt, life jacket, etc. Instead she jumps into the water, comes up, takes a breath and swims all over the place.

Thank you, Nancy.

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