Jun 28, 2010

What's Up?

1. I parted my hair in the middle today. Like, a flashback to college. Our student worker didn't like it, but I told her that her opinion is not valid.

2. Hallie informed me and Dave that she wanted to be a mermaid when she grew up.

3. I am wearing a shirt my mother-in-law bought me at a garage sale. And I didn't wash it first. (it was brand new with tags, but I know).

4. I have had a headache on and off for almost five days now.

5. I am working on my sweating. Oh yes you read that correctly. One of my favorite people, Alison, hooked me up with her prescription Dry Sol. Google it. It burned a bit last night but hello, no sweat today. Seriously.

6. I am re-thinking my entire wardrobe now that I don't have to worry about pit stains.

7. I am so gross.

8. I had a blast with my friends from college on Friday night. Minus one. A Very important one.

9. Hallie had a hard time falling asleep at Erin's house this weekend. Because she had bad feelings. Breaks your heart!

10. I love Patty with straight hair. I love Patty no matter what!


Sarah said...

I've just caught up on your last three blog posts. Verdict: we should not live so far apart!

I want to play with your stray puppies before they get taken away.

I want to swim with Hallie (and you!)

I want to hold your hand when you go get your ears pierced (what a big girl you are!) and when you begin buying earrings.

And I want to be in on the College Girls Get-Togethers. In the College Girl Mix, how can there be a Keri without a Sarah (and vice-versa!)?

Love you madly. Keep blogging. Its my favorite way of spying on you.


Keri Beth Mason said...

Sarah, never more have I missed you. And I mean that. If you were down the street from me I think I would die from happiness.

Stray puppies are gone. Sad :(

Feel free to purchase me any earrings. Really.

I missed you like crazy that night. More on that later.

Love you too, friend of mine. I miss laughing until we peed our pants. I really do.