Jul 7, 2010

Birthday Prep.

I am such a loser.

I made an excel spreadsheet titled, "party plan." I have it broken down by days, and then what needs to be accomplished on said day, and then a place to check when it is complete.

I love lists.

My dad and grandma Chronister are coming Friday night and you can bet that I have updated my list to include any activities they can assist with - such as cooking, cleaning, and just doing everything for me. I wish.

I moved my schedule up a little, so I can have ample time to get the guest rooms ready and clean the bathrooms. The rest of the cleaning will be done either Friday (pending the schedule) or for sure by Saturday.

Today is Tuesday. I have nothing planned except to visit Lucille and hopefully weed my garden. It is over-run with weeds! Look at this!

That is a giant zucchini plant that has only gotten bigger since this picture was taken.

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