Jul 8, 2010

Follow-Up Fourth.

After Hallie and I rolled back into town Sunday afternoon, we took quickie naps and headed to Springfield where Dave was going sound for Fireworks at the Capitol (or whatever it was called). I'm really not sure.

We waited 30 minutes in line to get kettle corn, because Hallie was desperate for popcorn. So we waited...and waited....and then it poured...poured harder....and then we finally got the flippin' kettle corn. We ran back to the tented area, soaking wet. Hallie took one bit and declared, "yucky."


I managed to get some great pictures though, despite my camera sucking in every way possible.

She wore those headphones for about two minutes before she got bored. We were there from about 6-10pm, and she did great! The rain was a bummer, but we managed to have fun and got to see and hang out with Dave at the same time. It was a great Fourth!

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