Jul 29, 2010

Final Lesson.

Hallie's final swim lesson for the season was last night. She has taken 16 lessons and has loved 13.5 of them. She can now hold her breath for a crazy long time, climb a pole to the bottom of the pool, swim without a swim belt front crawl, swim on her back and all-around enjoy the water.

These swim lessons have been the best thing for her this summer, and we will certain continue them. I think they are so important for kids to take and continue to take! Especially when you live within a stone's throw to a pond. Important.

We will miss Nancy, who ended up being super nice and good with the kids - despite a very rocky start. I'm glad we stuck with it. Because we almost didn't. I mean, like, I really almost pulled her.

So i'm glad we didn't.

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