Jul 28, 2010


NOT ME. Fooled you though!

The one on the left, Alison Brown Hannon Troutwine. She gorgeous, funny, caring and due in January.
Congratulations, Al!!!!! (hope it's okay I put this on my blog).


In other news, look how awesome this picture is. Taken on Spring Break 2000, South Padre Island.

Kendra, remember that time we got really mad at Alison, because really she was so nice and pretty? What was that all about?

Alison, remember that time we got in the back of that pickup truck with guys we didn't know and went to that random camp ground? How stupid was that?

And Keri (uhhh), remember that time that random guy you were dancing with paid $30 to let you do the bungee cord thing? Sweet. And that top - ahhh...what were you thinking?


I love looking at this picture. Left is pregnant, middle has two boys and I have a daughter.

My  how time has flown.

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