Aug 7, 2010

Dear Dave, Part II on a Saturday,

We have had a busy day. We watched cartoons in bed for awhile and then started cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning. Rather, I cleaned while Hallie followed, making messes. That's okay. We got a lot done.

After nap (hers, not mine - I watched HGTV and read a book. I also made chocolate turnovers with my puffed pastry, but you probably wouldn't like it - too chocolate-y. I think they are delicious.) I had the bright idea to take a bike ride to Lucille's.

It's not easy riding bikes in the country. We drove up to the shed to get your truck, drove it back to the house. I scraped my shoulder trying to load my bike (that was really hard!) and then threw hers in the back too. We drove back up to the shed, chatted with your dad and hopped on the bikes.

We made it to the end of the driveway and then Hallie fell off into the gravel. It was very traumatic. And bloody. But we rallied and actually made it to the first turn before she pooped out and wanted to go home.

So then.

I walked both bikes back to the shed, loaded them up and by the way they are still in the back of your truck. But I was so flippin' sweaty and just exhausted, so we went swimming.

And it was awesome.

And the whole time I just kept thinking how much easier it would be to bike ride with you!


Your girls.

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