Aug 7, 2010

Dear Dave,

I made a list of things to get done before you are home. Hopefully they will all be done, but you will probably be so tired you won't even notice.

But I will. I hate it when our house is messy/dirty. And right now it is both. Makes me stressed to look around.

(photo taken by Hallie)

1. Clean the bathrooms - toilets, baths/showers, floors, mirrors, countertops.

2. Take trash up to the dumpster. You know how you hate it when I fill our garage trash with bags and it stinks? Well, I did and it stinks.

3. Floors - vacuum and steam mop.

4. Dust - easy, I love to dust.

5. Wipe down kitchen cabinets.

6. Make and freeze breakfast burritos.

7. Weed garden - this will probably not happen.

8. Mow yard.

9. Put clothes away.

10. Take a nap - this one I can handle.

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