Aug 6, 2010


Today was Hallie's four-year check up with Dr. Lillpop. He asked how her brother was and then got really embarrassed because he had the wrong family.

Anyway, our little lady weighs 31.4 pounds and is 40 inches tall. That is 50th percentile for her height (perfectly average) and 25th for her weight - skinny minny!

In other news, I'm exhausted. I have a cold and could probably sleep all day. Too bad our yard is overgrown, so is my garden. I sucked at weeding this last month, yes month, and everything is covered in weeds. Tall, mean weeds. I ripped up all of the onion weeds, but the rest will have to wait.

My floors are gross too, but those can wait. Everything can wait. I have two more days of home time, with minimal things planned. I can squeak in the cleaning, and hopefully can beg someone to watch Hal for a few hours while I mow and do yard work. Fun, fun.

Yesterday, I did four loads - washed, hung dry and put away in a basket. Today I will do the minimum until I feel better.

I miss Dave a lot.

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