Sep 10, 2010

Grandma Clean.

I started panicking a bit last night. Hallie's first soccer game is this Saturday - no big deal, right? Except that Grandma Chronister aka The Grandma is coming up with my dad to watch. They are staying Friday night and Saturday night.

And my house was not up to the standard of clean that I know (even though she would never say a word) she expects.

I decided to bail out on seeing a band with my husband and get to work vacuuming, steam mopping, changing sheets, laundry, etc. Luckily, I had dusted, cleaned bathrooms and wiped down the cabinets just days before. My list wasn't as long as it normally is for a stay from The Grandma.

You see this face?

Do not be deceived.

She looks harmless. But looks are deceiving. You think I'm going to let her come into my house with unvacuumed floors and piled up laundry? Heavens no.

PS - she is also the most generous, kindest soul on earth. And her name rocks - Lowena.

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