Sep 1, 2010

Open House, But I Lost My Camera.

I have great pictures of our super fancy, back-to-school feast.

But I can't find my darn camera! I remember putting it on the counter in the kitchen with her new scissors and markers. But that's it. The markers and scissors are put away, but my camera is hiding from me.

It is a crying shame, because we had Hallie's open house last night at her school.

That kid was mega excited. She dragged me and Dave around by the hands showing us every detail of her classroom.

"Mom! Mom! Here's the carpet where we sit.

And the pillows.

And here's the pottyandsinkandwecannotshutthedoorallthewaywhenwepottyandwecolorhereandmakenecklaceshereandlook

You get the idea.

This kid loves school.

Her teachers, Miss Elisha and Miss Amy love her too. They said she is a joy - of course she is. Miss Elisha was going over rules, like raising our hand, and my oh-so-perfect angel pipes up and say, "Yes, Miss Elisha, I will do anything you tell me to."


It sounds like she will be more like her father at school and less like her mother. Her father was a perfect angel. If anyone tried to talk to him while the teacher was speaking, he would look straight ahead and not pay them any attention.

I, on the other hand, always had "keri is a great student, but needs to talk less to her classmates." I was a chatterbox to the extreme. And proud of it.

I suppose it is only Day Three. Let's give her a week and then see what Miss Elisha has to say.

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