Sep 22, 2010

So Soccer Might Not Be Her Thing.

That's okay.
She's only four.

I sort of turned into a mom-zilla at Hallie's soccer game on Saturday. I may or may not have been shouting orders at my daughter on the field.


I just hate to see her not try. It's so frustrating to have her come crying to me on the sidelines for some reason or another. I finally had to give her a talking to, which seemed to help a bit.

She's so little. And scared of the ball (like her mom!). But by golly, just try. TRY. That's all I want. I don't care if she sucks. I don't care if she is awesome. But I want her to try. To pay attention a bit.

But I'm thinking that my best plan would be to just keep my mouth shut. That's my goal for the next game.

Can you spot the new assistant coach?

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