Nov 11, 2010

Ah, Shutterfly.

So it's Christmas card time again. I usually try to do something funny, tie it into a Christmas carol and call it a day. Every year I use Shutterfly. They are super easy to use and there are tons of design choices. (   ) I like that they are quick and since I usually scramble at the last minute...that works for me.

The first year it was a "Bah Humbug" with a picture of Hallie bawling.

The second it was a super cute picture of her with food on her face and a phrase from "Twas the Night Before Christmas," "She had a round face and a little round belly that shook when she laughed like a bowl full of jelly." That was my favorite for sure.

Last year was not my favorite. It was a series of crying pictures (again) with the "He knows if you've been bad or  good" caption.  Boring. Predictable.

This time I'm struggling!! My creative juices are not flowing. I am not doing a crying one again. I refuse to do the professional cards. I am too cheap and everyone does them. I like being weird. Shocker! Maybe I'll do some Hanukkah ( ) for a shout out to my Jews for Jesus peeps.



Kelly said...

totally understand!! we feel like we hit our creative peak with the card where we posed with rifles in front of a snow covered log cabin and signed it "Peace and Love in 2008." Last year, we didn't even try. I'm determined to come up with something this year, but yikes! The pressure!

SaraD said...

Maybe you could use some of those really cute pics with her with the caterpillar and oil on her face and say... The best gifts come with dirt... or something. I am going with the professional photo... only because I love having a nice photo of the fam... and this is my excuse!