Nov 10, 2010


Something sucks about today, but I can't put my finger on it.

I'm tired, but not overly tired (yet).

Hallie was in a great mood this morning and slept all night long.

My car is getting its oil changed and breaks checked, so I'm driving the Caddy today (thanks, Barb!).

My boss is out this morning.

My coffee/creamer/sugar ratio is spot on.

So what gives?

It might be my impending conference next week.

It might be the thought of traveling again this weekend.

It might be how dirty/gross my house is from the construction of new windows.

It might be feeling sorry for myself for not having a husband for the past 30 days, having to ask every family member for help with my daughter because work is so busy in the evenings, dealing solo on all of the construction stuff, single parenting and feeling guilty about not spending enough time with my kiddo.

Yeah, I think that's it. Today I am feeling sort of sorry for myself and I'm working on snapping out of it.




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alis-on said...

Chin up buttercup! Thinking about you.