Nov 8, 2010

Dear Bloomington, Indiana.

Dear Bloomington, IN,

I hate you.

You are lucky my darling husband was there to make the trip a success. Otherwise, you would have ruined my weekend. You, with your stupid traffic cones and one-way-only main street. Yes, I realize a huge football game was going on (plus parents weekend), but to make your main street, like the MAIN street only one-way is not very helpful for the out-of-towners. Especially those who could give a flip about Iowa vs IU. Seriously.

And did you really also need to block any left-hand turns? Honestly. Thank goodness there were groups of policemen on every corner to not be helpful and just look annoyed when I asked for alternate directions.

Now if you ask my 4-year old daughter about her weekend in Bloomington, she starts talking about stupid cones, cops and one-way streets. And mommy screaming in frustration when she had to drive up and down the main street 10 times only to have her way blocked by cones that weren't there five minutes before. We will not be back.

Unless Dave is there, of course. But otherwise, you can bite me, Bloomington, Indiana. Bite me.

No Love,


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