Dec 3, 2010

We Laughed Until We Cried.

Hallie's Christmas program was last night. Her first of many to come, I am sure.

Gosh, I love that kid.

They placed her right in front of the microphone in her polka-dot dress and tights.

can you spot the little girl in the polka dot dress (not Hallie) giving me a death glare??? Creepy!

I worried - would she cry (like her dance recital)? Run from the stage if people laughed? Freak out?

Nope. She rocked the stage. That kid belted out those songs like a professional, except about two beats behind the main tune. What can I say? She goes at her own pace.

Seriously, though. Hallie's voice filled that entire gymnasium. You could hear her over any of the other rugrats on stage. It was hysterical. And I cried I was laughing so hard. Which also made for some pretty crappy pictures.


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