Dec 7, 2010

What To Say, What To Say?

Not much going on here. I do look at this blog every day, but can't seem to find much to write about.

  • Still pregnant - going on 15 weeks - yippee! My next appointment is in two weeks.
  • Hallie is awesome. We figured out not to give her any sympathy for the little owies and she will stop complaining. Okay, she still complains, but not as much.
  • We are doing the "Elf on Shelf" tradition this year. If you are not, you should. It's hysterical. Pictures to come as soon as I take them.
  • I'm almost done Christmas shopping. It would help if certain people, *ahem, Megan and Beth, ahem* would give me their lists.
  • It's really, really cold and Dave is gone. Which means the bed takes a lot longer to warm up in at night. It also means Zoey is inside at night. She loves it and so does Hallie.
  • I've started buying a few baby things - a little at a time. I found something new to obsess over that I wish I had when Hallie was a baby. Oh well, it's fun this time around too!

1 comment:

alis-on said...

Hi! Lots to say!! I'm going to google Elf on Shelf, not familiar. What is your new find that you wish you had when Hallie was a baby? Is there something that I don't know I need? :)