Jan 18, 2011

Today is Tuesday. A Good Day.

I would say that Thursdays are my favorite day, but really who cares?

Today is a good day, let me count the ways (there are only five).

1. Wearing my new maternity pants. Work maternity pants. My itchy Bella Band (God bless it) is taking a much-needed vacation from holding together my regular work pants. My mom bought me some gray maternity pants for Christmas and it was like a revelation. I could actually be comfortable, itch free and not look baggy and whatnot!!

I made her pick me up two more pairs of work pants and a pair of jeans of this miraculous design:

The secret belly fit. I love thee.

2. I didn't have to work this weekend. I thought I was going to have to pull a Saturday-morning-er at work, but my favorite co-worker pulled through and I love her.

3. The final dry-waller is coming to bid on our basement. I'm ready for the bidding process to be done and the work to start! Does anybody  know anything about cork flooring?

4. I love my daughter so much. We had such a fun shopping day yesterday. She was an angel and the whole day was just fun.

5. I love Dave too. And he is home until....checking my calendar...the end of January. Awesome!


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