Feb 16, 2011

Favorite Valentine's - An Update.

It appears my memory has failed me (yet again). How could I possibly forget two of my other favorite Valentine's celebrations?

From Sarah:
"Remember when I woke up early and hung hearts from our ceiling as a surprise for valentine's day?"
Basically, I woke up and came out into our tiny living room where Sarah had cut out and strung hearts all over the ceiling. It was fabulous. I think we followed it up with some quiet time and it was an awesome v-day. And then we moved out of that apartment into a nasty house with five girls and ruined our friendship. Thank GOODNESS we got it back. Love you girl!

From Morgan:
"Was it really better than our white trash valentines day at 119 1/2? I need to dig up those pictures."

I really don't see how I forgot this date. It was a double date - Morgan and Seebass, Me and Dave. The boys wore wife-beater tanks. It was a very memorable night. Please find those pictures.

1 comment:

Angela said...

hhmmm....was I also in the "nasty" house?

ps...I wish I could see that belly button pop out on command :)