Feb 21, 2011

Will You Split? NO.

This post goes out to Kate - you know who you are.

Dave and I went to a fundraiser Friday night. It was really fun - a reverse raffle. If they call your name that means you are a big loser - no $1,000 prize for you!

Dave and I made it all the way to the 11th spot - so almost the top 10. Pretty exciting! We did win $50, so that was pretty sweet.

Anyway, for the remaining tickets, they bring the 10 finalists up to the front of the room. They ask each finalist if they want to split the $1,000. If all 10 say yes, everyone gets $100 and goes home happy. But that never happens. There is always at least one person who refuses to split the pot.

They want the glory, the full monty, you know what I'm saying.

This year's main non-splitter was Kate. She was very firm about not splitting. She made it to the top two and still refused to split (each would have gotten $500...not bad!).

And she won.

And it was awesome.

And what made it more awesome was that she came over to me earlier in the night and told me she reads my blog.

So hi, Kate!

Enjoy your $1,000!

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