Mar 28, 2011

Dance Party on Concord Road.

We have a lot of dance parties in our house. Well, Dave and Hallie typically "run" the dance and I watch. Because really, who wants to see a pregnant lady shake her groove thang? Sickos.

I guess Hallie couldn't wait until Dave got home to have a dance party, because all of a sudden I hear Keith Urban come BLARING out of the stereo in the living room. Keep in mind that to do this, she had to put the CD in the DVD player, change the input on the TV, turn on the separate stereo speakers, change the buttons on the remote to adjust the sound and then crank that puppy up. Impressive.

I went out there and we had a mini dance party until she told me that she couldn't listen to Keith Urban anymore. She said it made her think of her daddy and she really missed him. *sob*

So we turned on Jason Aldean instead and then eventually ended with Taylor Swift.

I love having music blaring in the house. Much better than the TV, which I definitely let her watch too much of!!! Bad mommy!

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