Mar 24, 2011

Much Better.

My day has been a little rough. The baby was laying in a very, very, VERY uncomfortable position. I was on the verge of a homonal meltdown when Hallie decided she had to sit on my lap. I have no lap. I have belly. I have a huge, giant belly. Huge. With a sideways baby.

Luckily my nephew was a very cute Saint Bernard, because sitting through the Spring Sing was almost unbearable at that point.

We made it home. And then it got better. Here's how:

How to improve your night in six easy steps.

1. Put on maternity goucho pants.

2. Get comfy on your couch with your kiddo and eat strawberries.

3. Put the kiddo to bed.

4. Eat ice cream straight from the carton.

5. Then eat some pepperoni.

6. Watch the Office and cry.

Done. Time for bed.

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Kelly said...

:( I hope today is better. Did baby move? Have you checked out