Mar 23, 2011

Why Does Everything I Love Have to be So Expensive?

*****This just in: my aunt liz bought me the diaper bag!!!!!! It will look fabulous on my shoulder as I lug this giant baby around. THANK YOU AUNT LIZ!!!!!!**************************************

I love this diaperbag. I mean, I love it. It's large and in charge and super cute in person. Hallie and I took a quick dash into Babies R Us this weekend and I saw it in person.

I want it.

I should just get it. I could use it after the baby too. Like a weekender bag or whatever.

See how I can justify???

I am making a list of things to buy before the baby is born. I made up a purchasing schedule so Dave doesn't freak out. March is done, phew.

April (nursery stuff!):
-decor for the nursery (a few prints, pillows, etc)
-sound machine/white noise (
-gas/tylenol/themometer/hairbrush stuff

-newborn diapers/wipes
-bouncy chair

Not too bad! What am I forgetting? I want a stroller that would be okay on the gravel road, but i'm not sure one exists that wouldn't cost a million dollars.


Kelly said...

Cute diaper bag :) Have you checked Craig's List for a used jogging stroller? Ours is a Baby Trend Expedition that we picked up for $20 at a garage sale. It has worked great on or off road. Kind of bulky, but we just have a little umbrella stroller we keep in the car so we don't have to transport the jogger anywhere.

Megan said...

Kinda wanna have a baby so I can carry that bag around too. Just KIDDING. But seriously, that bag is adorable.

The 3 Sees said...

I'm getting you more newborn diapers than you will ever need.