Mar 22, 2011

Yes, I'm Still Working on This.

My 30 Before/During 30

I'm a loser, yes. But now #22 AND #29 can be crossed off!!! Sweet! I have changed up #3, but I am thinking everything is pretty feasible on this list. We'll see!

1. Successfully grow a garden

2. Purchase new drinking glasses (white polka dot from Target - love)

3. Pay off Dave's Student Loan

4. Print all past pictures since Hallie was born (making progress!)

5. Put #4 into albums.

6. Take Hallie camping.-

7. Re-size my super-cute moo-moo

8. Get (and stay) pregnant (no pressure, right?).

9. Get my ears pierced!

10. Take a tour of Woodlawn Farm.

11. Give up soda.(I am actually making progress with this.)

12. Visit Kurt in Colorado.

13. Find and buy black and white striped cushions for porch swing/rockers. I changed my mind.

14. Eat hibatchi with Dave.

15. Go on a job with Dave. In the semi.

16. Lose 5 pounds. (changed from 10 to 5...let's be realistic)

17. Organize under the kitchen sink.

18. Take a trip with Hallie and Dave. (St. Louis - to the City Museum, Brewery and Neil!)

19. Hang up plate wall in dining room

20. Make cinnamon rolls from scratch.

21. Buy nightstands for the master bedroom -

22. Buy lamps for the master bedroom - DONE!! Thanks to Mother-in-Law for my birthday!!!!

23. Make/buy a headboard for the master bedroom-

24. Have new windows installed in the house. Blah.

25. Host an outdoor movie night.

26. Host a bonfire

27. Sew curtains for the laundry room.

28. Pay off sound loan.

29. Pay off my car loan - YES! I don't know if the check will be sent actually before I turn 30, but I'm counting it.
30. Host a fish fry.

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