Mar 21, 2011

Disney Deets - Day #5 - Final Day!

Day #5 - Epcot


Not our favorite.

Lots of walking, not enough action. Dave and Hallie rode Test Track and we all went Soarin'. Those were fun. Also, HGTV was doing a huge garden thing, so there were amazing topiaries EVERYWHERE. They were probably my favorite thing about the park.

We met Rosetta (from Tinker Belle movies ), saw the Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit,

and then ate lunch at the Hacienda de San Angel.

It came very highly recommended and I can see why...sorta. The atmosphere was super cool. It was really dark and had mayan ruins and a volcano in the background. It felt like you were sitting outside in Mexico on a cool,d ark night. Which was really neat. Until it was time to eat our food. I would like to SEE what I am eating, thank you very much. And seriously, you couldn't see a darn thing. I was dropping stuff left and right and was just a mess. It screwed with my head! Being back out in the sunshine was the best thing EVER. I couldn't wait to get out of there. The food was really good though.

Side note: Dave loves churros.

We went back to the front of the park, to the Live Seas and did the Nemo and Friends clamride. Pretty cute. And then Turtle Talk with Crush - a neat interactive attraction thing.

What can I say? We were tired, and frankly I was ready to hit the road. We had already checked out of our resort and drove to the park that morning.

In fact, I was so ready to go home that I drove all the way to Litchfield - 14 hours. Go me.

I'm glad we did our half days at Hollywood Studios and Epcot, because we definitely had the most fun at the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. If Hallie was older, I'm sure the other two parks would have been good...but Magic and Animal Kingdom were just awesome, period.

Overall, I give Disney two thumbs WAY WAY WAY up. I am glad we drove, glad we stayed on site, glad we did the meal plan, glad we made dinner reservations in advance, glad we brought a stroller (big time, on that one!) and very glad that I planned the crap out of everything.

Having an obsessive personality comes in handy for stuff like Disney.

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