Apr 18, 2011

The Crack Down.

Crack down - Crackdown? One word or two?


It has begun.

Somewhere along the line our daughter has turned into a major crybaby, sort of a wimp and a tattletale.

 What a lovely combination.

Now, I'm not one AT ALL to minimize if a kiddo is hurt or had their feelings hurt.  And my kid ROCKS, that is to be certain. But sometimes enough is enough.

A few examples of why:

1. Mackenzie gets hurt and Hallie cries harder...to get attention.

2. I get poison ivy and Hallie gets jealous because *she* doesn't have poison ivy...therefore not getting that attention.

3. Hallie picks her toenail. It bleeds slightly. This now requires a bandaid, Neosporin and she limps around....for attention.

4. Hallie bumps into the side of a soft, leather chair. Immediate tears. For attention.


So Dave and I have started cracking down. Our crackdown plan is quite simple: shut it down immediately, ignore and NO MORE BANDAIDS (unless it is actually needed).

She tattles - I don't want to hear it (unless someone hits, pinches, etc).
She cries - I shut it down.
She whines - uh uh, none of that.
Little owies? Get over it.

Does it feel mean? Yep. Does it really suck sometimes when you just really want to give a hug for that tiny hurt, but don't? Yep. Is it working?


(I feel mean just typing all of this)

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