Apr 19, 2011

I Love Lists - Nursery Edition

I'm trying to get organized.

I need to get organized.

I have no energy to be organized.

I gotta suck it up and get some of this stuff done.

For the Nursery:
  • Buy fresh, white onsies
  • Wash existing onsies and other gender neutral gowns/clothes
  • Wash receiving blankets, crib sheets and boppy cover
  • Prep and wash cloth diapers
  • Wash basinett bedding - get basinett from Barb's house
  • Sort through overwhelming giant box of toys to sort out baby toys
  • Hang artwork on walls
  • Make and hang mobile
  • Bring monitors upstairs (buy video monitor?)
  • Purchase sound machine
  • Purchase wipes
  • Purchase batteries for the swing
  • Purchase California Baby diaper cream
  • Purchase Vaseline (anticipating a circumcision!)
  • Find 2nd base for the carseat - get other carseat stuff ready
  • Dave to build shelves
  • Bring in DiaperChamp
  • Newborn diapers from Morgan
And on, and on and on. I'm sure I'm forgetting so much. But hey, really. As long as they have a place to sleep, eat and poop, we're good.

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